Friday, July 10, 2009

Publishing is serious business

It seems some of you may have had problems leaving comments on my last post, so here's a new ramble, with the hope that the blog gremlin has gone.

***NEWS FLASH***comments box now set to appear as pop up...seems to have fixed the problem! Thanks to very talented tinterweb expert Husband Of Mine (HOM).

I have learnt some new stuff this week. And it made me laugh.

I have for some time been trying to get to know the ins and outs of the publishing world, in preparation for when I need to know it. I may never save to memory all the alphabetical abuse that passes for book sizing, but one term I am never likely to forget is French flaps. I discovered them whilst reading a post at the talented Nuala Ní Chonchúir's blog:

except of course I had seen them (have books with them), but didn't know they were blessed with their own marvellous name!

I have much to learn, I concede, and the learning would be easier if everything still left to intellectually lift were as toe-ticklingly teenager titillating as this! Made I laugh it did.

So, I am actually a very serious and mature writer, don't ya know. I'll prove it: wrote myself a plot this weekend for my latest project. Whether I'll stick to it is another matter entirely, but it feels good to have made an assertive start.

I've had this idea for some time now. I knew my protagonist from the off. I had several ideas for what story I wanted to write too, but when it came to scribbling the storylines out, my character was poohpoohing ( I prefer my poo with an aitch and no gap) them until I stuck with the one that best suited her.

So I'm about ready to start writing, and that's the very reason I haven't. I'm going to think a while longer, and see if a better story comes along. See who pops by to make friends with my gal. See what a bit of restraint makes me see.

See, I told you I'm learning!

(And for those of you who want to view the results of my very sensible publishing research, read the following: )


Lori said...

I had no idea what the French flaps were either. I can say that I like them quite a bit, although I don't own many such flappy books.

Lots of good luck with the new project.

Rachel Fenton said...

Hi Lori,
thanks...I'm giggling again like a cheeky child - I love that I can still learn stuff that's fun, and that I didn't leave those giggling days on the coat peg at school.

Aspiring Writer said...

Hi Rachel,

Thank you for commenting on my blog - much appreciated.

Just had a squiz through your blog - wonderful. Great to meet a fellow writer from NZ, too. All the best with your next project and look forward to reading your posts.

Rachel Fenton said...

Hullo AW,
and thanks!
Was good to find your blog too!
I'm actually English but lived here a few years now though - my son was born here too. I've not found many NZ writers online who weren't born overseas - I guess that's NZ!
Look forward to reading more of your blog:)


Ha ha! I'm glad the French flaps were educative (is that even a word?!)
Repeat after me: "I LOVE French flaps!!"

Rachel Fenton said...

Believe me, you'd have thought I drank the words with a bucket of soda water, I've repeated them so many times!