Friday, October 11, 2013

Hop art

How can you get from fiction to art to hip-hop in one day?

Since putting out a shout to help me raise enough funds to fly to the UK to collect my Short Fiction award, I've been completely floored by the generosity of friends, but even more amazing has been how friends of theirs - people I don't personally know - have jumped in to help their friend help a friend.

For example, Ezra Letra, a friend I met through my friend Jamez Chang, has donated profits from sales of his music for 24 hours - there are a couple of hours left if you want to pick up some hip-hop.

But then Jesse Michael Warren AKA Symetrik stepped in - he's a true gent, by the way - and donated profits from sales of his music. 

And now, Beatsmith Medore has also offered to donate profits from this weekend's sales of his music.

Even if hip-hop isn't your thing, check these two kind hearts out, because they are bound to be doing good things.

From fiction, to art to hip-hop; from my heart, thank you, guys.


Donna Hosie said...

You are awesome! And so are the musicians supporting you.

Kass said...

You are blessed....
...and talented,
and worthy.

Rachel Fenton said...

Thank you, Donna! xx

Rachel Fenton said...

Kass, right back at you! Thank you xx

Titus said...

Yay! You go girl, and I've got somewhere you can stay if you need it.

Titus said...

And I love the Herne the Hunter look!

Rachel Fenton said...

Thank you, JoAnne! That's so generous!

And the hair, well, I am a bit of a moose! :)