Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Taipei diary: one

Later than scheduled, here's Taipei Diary: day one of my participation in the NZ Book Council's Graphic Novelists Exchange Residency in association with the Publishers Association of New Zealand and the Taipei International Book Exhibition.

I was gifted this notebook by Wellington Cartoonist Grant Buist, to journal my Taipei exchange. I made my first entry at Auckland Airport, beginning what was to become my daily drawing ritual.

A short hop to Melbourne followed by a longer anti-travel-sickness-pill-blurred flight to Taipei in time to see the sunrise from the Howard Hotel. To see what I did next, read Taipei Diary: day two.


Lori said...

Oh, okay, that should be a good enough use of a book. I guess. I have been considering reading it but the subject matter has been putting me off. I do think the cover art is quite great, though.
And wow, they have interesting architecture in Taipei. That modernist take on a gothic cathedral tower looks pretty amazing from your window.

Rachel Fenton said...

You should read it, Lori - we can be a book club of two and chew the fat over it!

Taipei has so many different styles of architecture - it's a playground for the senses. I so want to go back there.