Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Room to exercise

Introduction to Screenwriting: 2.6

An exercise to develop character outlines

For this exercise, I've stuck with the example of Emma Donoghue's Room that I've used in the previous units. I probably missed some important major actions, but I didn't over think the process. I was surprised how helpful the list was to outline Jack's character.

  • Jack revisits Room and says goodbye
    Jack plays soccer with a friend
    Jack leaves the upstairs landing to play with a dog
    plays with the toys strangers have sent him
    timid in hospital when breakfast is brought in on a tray
    shouts help
    runs away from Old Nick
    practices rolling up in rug
    pulls apart the toy car Old Nick brought for his birthday
    heating goes off
    eats birthday cake
    physical exercise
    Jack makes himself breakfast
    from inside Wardrobe, Jack looks through a crack to see Old Nick

    From the off, Jack's view is one of inside, looking out. He has a literal understanding, expressed by his personification of nouns: spoon, for eg, is called Meltedy Spoon, as though a proper noun; Room is a character, etc.

    Jack doesn't understand the concept of being able to go outside. He is curious and intelligent but also timid. 
    A casual observer might describe Jack as feminine and timid.

    Because of his mother's depression, Jack has learnt to be independent, making his own breakfast, occupying himself for en entire day and finally putting himself to bed during one of her episodes.

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