Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bolder gestures

A little while ago I donated a painting to my daughter's school fun fair - the painting I used for my blog header as it happens. After last Tuesday, I emailed the PTA and asked could funds be redirected to Christchurch. I am really pleased to report that all funds, including those raised by the auction of my painting on the 11th March will go to Christchurch. And it seems that even people in Christchurch are not letting Tuesday's tragedy keep them down - what do you make of this? 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's not not awards

Thanks this week to the two lovely ladies who blog, respectively, at:
 this writer's life, and
 Ramblings From Yet Another Stranger On The Bus.

I usually deflect awards as the list of conditions for receipt often read like the instructions for flat-pack furniture. And the awards don't colour coordinate with my blog. Oh, and "passing them on" conjures imagery of contagious disease. But, aside from all of that, I appreciate people letting me know they like my blog - that means a lot to me - and it's a nice opportunity for me to note one or two blogs that deserve a mention.

Also, back in October, I said I would take part in a quiz from Patteran's Pages - I hadn't forgotten, Dick, but I hope this will do instead, at least for now.

Both awards ask me to list seven things about myself:

1. I had my first newspaper article published when I was fifteen.

2. I sometimes wake myself up laughing in my sleep and I once had a giggling fit for forty minutes, non-stop.

3. I don't believe you have to find a husband to lose your father's name.

4. My great great grandparents on my maternal grandpa's side were Irish and fled an Gorta Mór.

5. I was Mary in my primary school nativity and the angel Gabriel was my cousin, although I didn't find out until after I left school. My teacher told her she would have made a better Mary. I was deeply hurt (I'd auditioned and everything, and still remember the song!).

6. I was the first girl to wear trousers at my high school (and got summoned to the deputy Head's office for my audacity).

7. I was once dragged by my ear to explain what I thought was funny about The Lord's Prayer - it was this:

For The Love Of God, What's That Up Your Sleeve?

Bless me, mam, for I have sneezed, a snail slick
of snot shot out, top speed, hauled up my arm
and dried shiny hard like a graphite thick
drawing, rubbed, over worked by childish palm

to glossy grey like slates in the rain. And
I tried to explain when Betty dragged me
by the ear but she couldn't understand,
I'd got my head hung so they couldn't see

the candles dripping from my nose, sticking
to my hair, and so she hauled me up on
stage: full view. They all thought I was laughing
as my sniffs increased in speed and not one

explanation could I give standing there
for “what's so funny about the Lord's Prayer?”

And to the nominations; considering these awards are doing the rounds, and the whole six degrees of separation thing, I'll just note a couple of blogs I enjoy reading for kinship as well as content:

Sara Crowley's A Salted - for real and raw writing with no mincing of words.

Lori Tiron-Pandit's Daily Writing - for searching questions and creativity.

Helen Caldwell's My Writing Life - for a store-house of writing related info.

We should all wish for sisters like them.

And thanks again to Leslie and Teresa for nominating me - you are both the human equivalents of home, for different reasons; I want you to know I'd nominate you right back!

Monday, February 21, 2011

A quake


If anyone in Auckland can and wants to donate:

Highlife Entertainment, George FM, Cafe Massimo and Y Generation will be joining forces this weekend to collect donations of bottled water to send to the effected areas in Christchurch after the earthquake.

There is currently a major shortage of clean water in Christchurch so bottled water will be needed for families, rescue workers and clean up teams over the coming weeks.
Drop off points at George FM 105 Ponsonby Road, Cafe Massimo Takapuna, Newmarket and Albany have been organised for donations this Saturday February 26th and Sunday February 27th between 10am and 5pm.

We ask that bottled water is delivered in boxes but if for any reason this is not possible, then bottles of water in plastic bags will also be fine.

Donations of canned food, clothing and other items of interest will also be accepted.

All donations will be delivered direct to Christchurch next week.

For more information or if there is any support that you or your company could offer, please contact Adam Bennett on the following details below.

Adam Bennett 021 649 100 –

Highlife entertainment:

George FM:

Cafe Massimo:

Update: There's a call for anyone who can offer accommodation in Auckland, for those who cannot travel home to Christchurch, to contact here.

A quake has caused devastation in Christchurch. I am reading the news in utter disbelief. My thoughts go out to everyone there.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Man the lights

My poem The Garden Of Earthly Delights is up at The Literary Burlesque. My sincere thanks to Melanie Browne.

To risk watching

Auckland, November 2007. Photo taken by me: I'd been here three months.

Auckland is now available for viewing at The Camel Saloon.

Lowly kindness and high regards to barkeeper Russell Streur.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I saloon thee

My poem "Pack Thi Bags And Guh, Lass, Teck Thi Ook Nar" is now up at Camel Saloon. Many thanks to Russell Streur. Amble on over, pull up a stool, you're in great company.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tale of two piccies

I have two photographs over at The Camel Saloon. My round and sincere thanks to Russell Streur, bar keeper extraordinaire. Poems coming shortly!