Thursday, April 10, 2014

Moore listings

I made it to the longlist of this year's Fish Flash Fiction Competition, along with Alison Moore. 

Discuss on

Historian Scott Hamilton and I recently discussed on Facebook the latest developments of the film he and Paul Janman are making about The Great South Road, and you can read some of our discussion on Scott's blog.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

In complete words

New Zealand poet Paula Green has blogged a terrific write-up of Dylan Horrocks' Incomplete Works book launch on Tuesday evening, focussing on the part of the discussion my "Incomplete Names" comic is about - which she kindly mentions.

Thanks so much, Paula! I can see that me and Rachel Jones are going to have to have words.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

In complete

1. Incomplete Works is published by Victoria University Press.
2. Dylan Horrocks was half my prize for winning the Auckland University Graphic Fiction Competition.
3. Sarah Laing adopted my rabbits. 
4. I have reviewed Sarah's novel but have yet to find a home for my review.
5. Sarah may have phrased it differently.
6. Dylan may not have said this.
7. Usurper, doppelganger, pretender!
8. "Nathan Jones" was a hit for 80s Brit-band Bananarama.
All text and images ©RaeJoyce 2014

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

PANK s, plural

A while ago, Jamez Chang and I collaborated on some poetry. Jamez is already a talented hip-hop artist and poet, so I was excited to find out how our respective literary styles would compliment each other. Jamez made recordings of us reading the poems and they feature, along with the text of the poetry, in PANK.

I know it's not cool to shout your own praises, but what Jamez has done, along with a track from Beatsmith Medore, is superb! Well worth a minute of your time, if you can lend us your ears.

Thanks, Jamez, and Beatsmith, and thanks many times over to Roxane Gay, M Bartley Seigel, Colin Winnette, and Sheila Squillante at PANK.