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 Everywhere is Now is a graphic non-fiction about war, inspired by US politics.

 The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner-up is a comic about not winning. 

A Little Break is a comic about breakages. 

Something for Being is a graphic interview between me and award-winning writer and author of How to Fare Well and Stay Fair, Adnan Mahmutovic, about trust.

I Am Sorry I Love You is a competitive swimming and apology themed graphic poem collaboration between myself and my daughter.

Bottled Water is a David Foster Wallace inspired graphic poem in collaboration with Jamez Chang. 

In Complete is a comic about the launch of Dylan Horrocks' Incomplete Works.

You Greens is a comic about biting off more than you can chew.

Diecast Diorama, Beholden, and Birching are graphic poems created in collaboration with writers Meg Pokrass, Grant Faulkner, Pamela Hill and Justis Mills; A Misunderstanding, Upholstered and Stepping Over the Line are cartoons – all were created while Artist in Residence at Counterexample Poetics.

New Shoes is a comic about my relationships with shoes. In no particular order, other parts are: Practical Magic
Foot Loose
Another Brick

The Laughter of Boys; A Comic Scene from Sarah Laing's Book Launch is basically that.

Link Din is a comic about the power of social networking and getting connected (whether you want to or not).

Exit Bit is a comic about the Ngā Pakiwaihtuhi comics exhibition.

The Sand Man is a comic about the loss of innocence.

Lit-Toe-Rally is a comic about toe surgery and a moral tale about why it's probably not wise to publish work whilst inebriated with pain medication. This comic first appeared in real time, page by page as drawn, on Twitter.

Hot Water Beach is a comic about breaking my toe and priorities. It's the precursor to Lit-Toe-Rally. 

To Do or Dot to Do is a comic-in-progress about dyscalculia. One day I will finish it - when I learn to count beyond #3! Until then parts two and three will have to suffice.

Escape Behaviours is an epic poem/comic about migration, marriage, and stuttering. It's also a commentary on colonialism, and much more.

Alchemy Hour is my AUT award winning Graphic poem about grief and surfing.

My dear friend, writer, editor, translator and website designer, Lori Tiron-Pandit, has written a lovely and very biased review of Island to Island and Three Words here. 

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