Monday, March 4, 2013

Soak in

Mini comic series by The Sheehan Brothers & Son.
It's been a comics saturated month for me. As noted in my previous post, I went to the opening of the Nga Pakiwaituhi New Zealand Comics and Graphic Novels exhibition where I had a lovely chat with one of the creators of the above mini comics.

It was also the opening of the joint Comics, Manga & Co., The New Culture of German Comics exhibition, and I was lucky enough to be introduced to the two  German comic artists travelling with the exhibition.

English translation edition of Mawil's collected graphic short stories.

I had a really good chat with Mawil (pronounced Marvel) after I noticed one of his works detailed his stutter. He actually had no trace of a stutter, until I mentioned it (!), but I managed to make him laugh (nervously) as I demonstrated how my husband inadvertently licks people's cheeks whilst talking to them.

The works are being exhibited at St Paul Street Gallery until April 12th - if you're able to get to Auckland, give yourself a couple of hours to soak it in.
Arrived in the post today - comics anthology issues #1 & #2.

When I haven't been gallery hopping, I've been editing the NIP, working on my Gaia graphic project and  trying to make a book trailer for my short story collection - something to send out to prospective publishers - which you can glimpse a detail from in the background of the above photographs as well as in a couple of pics I posted yesterday on Twitter.

And now I'm going to reward myself for lots of hard work with a soak in the tub and the first two issues of The Strumpet comics anthology.