Sunday, February 14, 2010

Stuff IT

Some stuff that did and didn't happen.

S. IT trouble.

My laptop broke. My button was wobbly. I thought, for a while, it might fall off but it didn't: it jammed. I had to send my laptop off to be fixed. It's all mended now though.

T. I had a request from an agent to read one of my novels.

I sent an email and had a positive response, then my laptop broke. After much perspiring and use of pen drives I was able to send the requested MS. I am crossing my fingers and hoping said agent likes my story. I'll report back as and when.

U. I had a new blog post all done but for a few pictures.

My laptop broke. I have to do it all again. And I will. Soon. There were three things I wanted to do but Valentine's day is like the world's fastest cake and I am going to spend this week's writing time catching up on all of your blogs and making a list of questions instead of worrying about what's gone (scone).

F. Serendipity.

I posted a letter. I received a lovely reply and I'm meeting a lady on Saturday who grew up in the town I am writing about and is the granddaughter of the man who is the central character of my triptych. The really interesting thing is, she lives just five minutes drive from me - but the best bit: my laptop could not impede good old fashioned post and I have an actual little bit of paper history all of my own to tie me to the lives of those I am writing about. Am I writing myself into fiction or bringing my fiction to life?

F. I thought about using numbers to mark these bullet points but numbers only add up to more numbers and I don't want numbers, I want words. That was my stuff for today. More and less of the same coming soon.


Leslie Morgan said...

I WONDERED where you were! I've missed you and I'm so glad you are back. Stuff does happen, doesn't it? Glad to read your words, Rachel. I "get" your words. Numbers stink. Write on.

Donna Hosie said...

Wonderful news about the agent. I'll keep everything crossed for you.

catdownunder said...

I have my (mental) paws crossed for you!

Kass said...

If that is a picture of your home and your mailbox, I am utterly charmed.

If Donna and I can talk all of your readers into crossing everything tightly, we may create the next harmonic convergence and your story will certainly be published.

Lori said...

Now I am always on the lookout for some "catch" in your blogs. So what did and didn't happen? I hope all is good and your laptop is servicing you well. Your words don't seem to fail you so you're good. And good luck, good luck, good luck with the novel and the agent. Send positive thinking into the beautiful and kind Universe.

Rachel Fenton said...

LN - stuff soes indeed happen - rapidly where I'm concerned it seems. Thanks for wondering.

Donna, Cat, Kass & Lori, thanks for crossing your bits and bobs but you can uncross them now.

Just had an email:

"Thanks for sending this. I think you're a remarkably accomplished writer.

"Unfortunately it's not something we could handle here, but that says more about our particular strengths and sensibilities than it does about the quality of the work. I think other agents are bound to be very interested, and I would recommend you send the work out more widely.

"Best wishes and good luck with everything."

It's the second "accomplished" rejection I've had this week!

So there you have it.


Lori said...

I would kill for such an "accomplished" rejection. I am so envious! I am confident that the third agent you hear from will be all positive and open-armed. I have no doubt whatsoever. This is how it works. So just relax now. It is coming.

Mike McLaren said...

"... writing myself into fiction or bringing my fiction to life?"

Hmm... for me it's all the same. I keep making this stuff up as I go, and every so often I hit the delete key and make up something new, although every so often my computer breaks.

Got my fingers crossed for you!

Rachel Fenton said...

Lori - bless you. I am very lucky to have such wonderful bloggy friends who say just what I need to hear!

AM - I think I'd like to write me a better ending this week! Thanks though!

Thomas Taylor said...

I'm sorry about the rejection, Rachel, but they wouldn't waste time saying those things if they weren't true. Just about everything I have is crossed already, but in anticipation of you sending your novel out more widely, I will cross my legs.

It sounds like the Talent and the Text are in place, so now it's only a matter of Time.


catdownunder said...

Oh rats and white mice! Okay, now a little research into who else might be interested - they are saying you can write!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel Fenton said...

Thomas - Thanks x5. I will get this one published, I will....

Cat - I'm on the case - rest assured, I will be the most accomplished trier! Thank you.

Nik Perring said...

The breaking of laptops always seems to happen at the most inappropriate of times, doesn't it? Glad it's fixed now!

And best of luck with the agent!!


Elisabeth said...

Serendipity, or as they say, one door closes and another one opens.

Jim Murdoch said...

We are so ruddy dependent on computers these days. I have two laptops and a PC; Carrie has a laptop, a netbook and a PC. Who the hell needs 6 computers? And even then, when our connection goes down, we’re snookered.

Good luck with the agent BTW.

Rachel Fenton said...

Hi, Nik - this laptop was the replacement for my other one which did a similar thing and persists in crashing, quite literally, every five minutes. Add to that a dodgy internet connection and a temperamental modem and you have all the ingredients for pc meltdown.

Elisabeth - quite right - the novel has been poinged out to another agent and I'm back on the submission trail!

Jim - one pc at a time is enough for me. The trouble with having two is - from when I used a second one - that I forgot to use a pen drive or to email changes I made to docs and then I was writing the same chapters twice (forgetting I had written one already on the other pc) and I would have an editing nightmare trying to work out which parts of what MS to keep or copy across to the other one. Got in some bad muddles. I'm basically a pc numpty!

Thanks for the luck all you guys - I'll put it with the next submisssion and see where I get.

Donna Hosie said...

Well I think I will still keep everything crossed for you, Rachel!

You aren't alone; I've had three personalised rejections this week!

sonia said...

what a fantastic rejection. all the best with future submissions. I am still wrestling with first draft.

Rachel Fenton said...

Awe, Donna - that's harsh. I'm determined to make good of this and to have sent my novel/s out far and wide by the end of this month! I've got my brolly at the ready, then I'll sit back and let the rejections bounce off! You know what it's like though when you really want one particular agent - the one you've imagined having conversations with and you thought was the best fit for your work...

Anyway, gal, I reckon you are just about due some good luck! I'll cross my limbs and digits for you, too!

Hullo Sonia - cheers - best of luck for you with getting your first draft sorted! First drafts can be tough but I still prefer the writing to the submitting!

Dominic Rivron said...

It seems like there is a law in life that things always go wrong when you least need them to. Oh well. We get there one way or another...

Acrostic posts! There's something to think about. I know a journalist whose colleague got a really rude, personal comment into their evening paper by using the large capital letters at the start of every paragraph in the editorial. It stood out a mile. Sensational!

Rachel Fenton said...

Dominic - we do get there or we fall down trying - either way it's better than sitting and watching someone else take what could have been yours.

I remember reading about a similar thing - it's all a bit Famous Five really!

I might do more with it - you should do a post in it, too - see what happens - maybe blogland will start making double messages - the outward post and the hidden post within the post! Ooh, like being a bloggy Bond (without the sexism and teeny trunks)!