Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Me meme

Titus - the brainiest most talented poet terrier EVER -  sent me a meme and, although I don't usually do these, I thought that seeing as I was only going to post the winner of the graphic conversation I would pad it out a little and do this, too. Thanks Titus!

1. Why did you start blogging?

It was a dark night. I sat alone in the diner on the corner of fifth and fourth and a quarter eating the dried up crust of a marmite sandwich and stared out of the window. It was raining hard. If it had been raining any harder the rain would have bounced back up and it wouldn't have been wet. But it was wet. Not just any wet: it was the wettest wet I'd ever known. It was Auckland. I wanted to get the rain out of my head and sitting on my ear wasn't working, I decided to try something. First there was the bungee jumping but that made the world spin for twenty four continuous hours, not even a five minute break, and then there was the scoot boarding (as my daughter calls it) but my street cred was falling fast; I needed to do something, something big, and I needed it to be soon...dun dun duuuuun!

What actually happened was I wanted to see if I could get some stuff published and I thought blogging would be a good way to meet other bloggers and put a little pressure on me. That's the official reason. The actual reason is that I was researching for a novel - aaaaargh - the truth is out!

2. If you could travel anywhere in the world with no restriction of costs, where would it be and why?

America - all of it, until I found what I was looking for - because Edward Norton lives there!

3. Did you have a teacher in school that had a great influence on your life? If so, what?

I had three: one told me I was a poor working class girl and as such should be satisfied to work in a local supermarket. I have been trying to grow a bigger moustache than her ever since.

The second got me work experience at the local rag and had a belly like Father Christmas and every English lesson I lived in hopeful fear that a button would ping off his shirt and knock my nemesis in the head.

The third tried, with much patience and perseverance, to teach me French and told me to send my stories to magazines.

4. If you could spend the day with a famous person, who would it be, and what would you do?

Edward Norton and I would discuss ways to end world poverty over a shared sandwich.

5. Toilet paper – over or under?

I am SO over toilet paper - it is so last season. Scootching along the grass for me every time now. And the winner is: R.F. It's me! Kidding! Rachel Fox - you lucky blogger!

6. Name one thing in your life that you would do over if possible.

Is this a rude question?

7. Tell about your pets – if any.

Bubbles the hamster weed on my arm when I was twelve and I didn't tell then but I am now. So there! Oh, ABOUT, not ON....hmn...there is a spider, outside my kitchen window, whom I have named Roberta the Bruce. RtB and I have a deal: she stays put and I don't have to clean the windows - but she isn't allowed inside!

8. Do you live in a small town or a large town?

I live in a city within a city which is the size of a town by UK standards within a city which feels like a town. I live in North Shore City - it is a real city, honest guvnor, but it is within the better known city of Auckland and each has its own mayor and they don't really get along (if you believe the report of one attendee of the most recent meeting) or they really want to hug a lot (if you believe another report of the same recent meeting).

I am supposed to pass this on - like chicken herpes - but you may have had this already. If not, and you want it - come and get it!

And for those of you who just scrolled to the end for the winner - hahahahahahaha - go back up and look again :) I'm a scamp and a half!


Rachel Fox said...

Hooray - I won something!
Boo - you're writing a novel about us!
Oh god...
Edward Norton...yes, yummy. Did I win him?

Lori said...

Wow. So I read the whole thing twice, convinced that I am reading someone else's blog. How come everyone has a Edward Norton crush, I was thinking, and how come this woman lives in New Zealand, I thought she was in US. Wow, the things you keep learning, I thought. Then, finding how you hid a winner's name somewhere in the text, I was finally convinced that it was no way this was that other blog. Now I have figured out where I am and I am going to read the whole thing for a third time, from this new illuminating perspective. Wow. Where did you go, my mind, and how long will you stay?

Titus said...

Aaargh! I can't believe Foxy beat me to the super-duper prize. As she'll never read the answer to no. 5 I suggest you send the book to me.

The answer to number 1 would have been sufficient to glee me, but I enjoyed the rest too. The first rule of Edward Norton...?

Researching a novel? What did you expect to get?

Rachel Fenton said...

Congrats, t'other Rachel.

I'm not writing about you! (This is all about mememe, by the way, not youyouyou!)I was researching some things - particular things - and the book was finished before I bloggy met any of you!

Hands off the Norton - he's mine.

Oh Lori - you made me chortle! Sorry to be so confusing. Good that we bloggers are so distinct that you knew instinctively I was not the other blogger! Well, I'm looking on the positive side....hope you find your mind somewhere soon - perhaps it has found mine and they are keeping one another company?

Titus - haha - Foxy beat you to the comments, too! I'm sure she'll let the prize visit your house

"The first rule of [Edward Norton]" There are no rules for him! YES!

Patience, dear Titus, Patience...all will be revealed one day!

Have you all forgotten I plan ahead?

This was lots of fun...might do it again...all I have to do is find a super thing and get a super bod to sign it....WOMAN - any of you ever tried to find a writer in Auckland?

Donna Hosie said...

Strangely enough I think I knew most of this about you already. Good heavens, how long have we known each other on blogger now?

YAY for blogging anyway. It means we get to meet awesome people - like you.

Rachel Fenton said...

In real years, Donna, just a little over a year. In blog years (which are like dog years but then not) probably about seventy!

I'm really glad I started blogging too :)

Most of you have trundled along with me from the near beginning - which is very lovely! Thank you all of you!

Thomas Taylor said...

Congratulations, Rachel Fox! What a great prize.

Who is this Edward Norton character anyway? I'm more of an Edward Bawden man myself.

Well done for handling those rather inane questions with such style, Rachel. I think I would have stopped at the toilet paper one.

Rachel Fenton said...

I'm sensing a lack of respect for the Norton, Thomas. Fight Club; American History X; The Painted Veil; The Illusionist; and erm...the Incredible Hulk...and some more...dum de dum...

Thanks, you're right, they weren't the most stimulating of questions but I tried to spruce them up!

Thomas Taylor said...

Embarassingly, I have actually seen The Incrdible Hulk.

Is it the green skin and bulging biceps? Because hey, I could have green skin too. The biceps, on the other hand, might take a little longer...

Rachel Fenton said...

Thomas - you're hunky dory as you are with your orange skin! And no - I keep saying - I like brains and humour! It was him in the Painted Veil that did it for me - oh, and his Capitol Hill speech (on you tube)..I am very dull alas, but a dusty stage upon which your wit can sparkle!


Did you not think that The Inc. Hulk was rather intellectual (up until the two green ones bashing it out)? I liked the free running! Haven't seen the Eric Bana version - he's my Mr Henry DeTamble!

Dave King said...

How brave of you to lay your soul so bare. In case anyone is interested, I approved all the way except when it came to the toilet paper. I must have mine under.

Penny said...

I'm still worrying about the moustache...

Rachel Fenton said...

Ha, Dave - I feel we have bonded!

Penny - as competitive as I am, my moustache resolutely refuses to grow into my beard - what's that all about I ask you?

Anonymous said...

There was a time when memes such as this abounded and we were all doing them. I really enjoyed reading this one, which, in its ducking and diving, entertained and intrigued.

Toilet paper: an absolute staple. Unless, like Gargantua, you may have a gentle-woman's velvet mask or the neck of a goose to hand.

Rachel Fenton said...

So that's what fate befell my geese...

You're a good lot to have a bit of fun with, Dick!

Andrea said...

Great meme, Rachel!

That was a disappointing thing for a teacher to say, but if you're anything like me that would make me even more determined to do something, not that there's anything wrong with supermarkets. We've all done jobs we dislike.

I was once told I'm not a natural writer - that may be so - I'll keep on writing unnaturally!

Rachel Fenton said...

Thanks, Andrea.

Absolutely, re teachers, and I agree about the jobs - I cleaned toilets for two years to pay for my college digs!

That's the way! I'm a fan of the un-naturat then!

Andrea said...

I worked in a hotel during uni as well - it wasn't much fun really, but it did have it's moments looking back on it. There were a few laughs.

Rachel Fenton said...

It's all rich material for writing, Andrea, the grubbier the better!And it brings humility which, whether you're a writer or not, can only be a good thing.

Kass said...

You are a source of constant delighted surprise. My TP salutes you, but not in an underhanded way.

Rachel Fenton said...

Kass - release the TP, step away from the TP, and SCOOTCH! (But check the area for broken glass and pre-use before hand!)

Golden West said...

Rachel - what a delightful read! I enjoyed it most thoroughly!

Rachel Fenton said...

GW - thanks - it was fun to write!

Mike McLaren said...

This was a lot of fun to read.

Rachel Fenton said...

I forget I can be fun sometimes, Mike - glad you enjoyed the read.