Monday, June 3, 2013

Link din

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Lori said...

The small god of social networking? Very interesting perspective, Rachel. I am sure many people with connect with your experience. Many of us reassess every day the benefits and burdens of social networking. Although if God asked to connect with me, I think I would click accept without questioning. I think.

Rachel Fenton said...

Would you not think, on the principle of Occam's Razor, Lori, it would more likely be a phishing scam if anyone purporting to be God were asking to connect? :)

Dominic Rivron said...

Good stuff. It's very easy to be prickly when leaving comments without meaning to be.

Have I ever mentioned Natalie d'Arbeloff's "The God Interviews" before? It's a comic book (and it's neither a religious nor an atheist tract: god is just a character in it)- I just thought about it because it seemed to take up where you left off (the Forward in the lulu preview is interesting too):

Rachel Fenton said...

You have mentioned her, Dominic - not in relation to God, but for something, and I checked out her work then. I haven't seen her God Interview - sounds interesting - thanks for the link.

And don't worry about sounding prickly, not here.

Anonymous said...

Discovered some of your work through Janelle at Melusine. Glad I did. I really like the shade of sky blue in this piece. Really makes the art pop out. Awesome satire.


Rachel Fenton said...

Thanks, Jamez - I'm glad the colour shows up nice as I spent a ridiculous amount of time mixing it - just so!

I'm thoroughly enjoying getting to know your poetry and fiction, too - wonderful work - excellent poem in the latest issue of Melusine.

Teresa Stenson said...

Love it, Rachel! Very funny. God + tornado drawing is ace.

Yes I think all of those people were angels who thought (correctly!) that you are an angel and that you should all go and live with god and do some social networking in the sky.

I'm glad you didn't go.

(Oh, that sounds like they wanted you to 'die', doesn't it, I didn't mean that. I just meant that you'd live in the sky.)

(Just to clarify, I don't want you to die. Please don't write a blog about me.)

Rachel Fenton said...

Hahaha! Blogger conspires with universe to end comic writer's mediocre life! You're in cahoots with God, aren't you? Admit it?

I tell yer, for a whole month I had "signs".

Must write comic about you NOW, just in case...cover my policy... :)

Thanks, Teresa x

Anonymous said...

Great comic. I'm wondering what I've done wrong for God not to want to connect with me. But perhaps He's coming (I shall take precautions!)

Rachel Fenton said...

Haha - and here was me wondering what I'd done wrong! Run, Sarah, for the hills!

Cheers for reading :)

Anonymous said...

Love the tiny details and colours in your drawings, Rachel and a narrative that a lot of writers can identify with :)

Rachel Fenton said...

I used sepia ink (though it loooks kind of maroon next to the blue) and watercolour "coeruleum blue" with a tippy touch of "lemon" and a itsy smidge of "yellow ocre" to take the sharpness off, but there were a lot of other leftover paint stains on the palette! Wow, I sound like an idiot explaining so much....well, can't hurt now to say I was after heron's egg blue :)

Thank you, Valerie - I'm glad other writers can get something from my scribblings!

chillcat said...

I LOVED this. You are brilliant. I have almost fallen off my chair and am definitely wearing a huge dumb smile. Totally enjoyable and I'm still waiting for some of the boxes to unload dammit. Wtf did you say to Petty? Hilarious. How I'd love to read the rant. This is the reason why I just can't take social media seriously. It's not about The Work, it can be such a sideways interpretation, read while you munch toast. While being everything, it is nothing. (And I'm giving a talk on it next week!)

Rachel Fenton said...

Thank you, Cat!

Reading that rant was the first WTF moment of my social networking experience, I can tell you.

Wish I could hear your talk - go you!

Tania Hershman once posted something that's stuck with me, along the lines of: view networking as a catch-up with your mates. That works for me (though I laughed at Joyce Carol Oates' article this week with her advice to f*&k a publisher)!

So glad I made you laugh :)

Mike McLaren said...

FUNNY! I love this. (By the way, God also wants you on Yelp, Wordpress, Google Project, Myspace, and Stumble Upon!)

Rachel Fenton said...

Cheers, Mike. God will have to wait - I'd suggest ego-surfing to pass the time - I'm too busy creating ;)

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Hilarious! If this is social networking, I love it! x

Rachel Fenton said...

Never a dull day on t'interweb, Vanessa - glad I gave you a chuckle :)

Kass said...

You at your best.
Love it.

Rachel Fenton said...

Thank you, Kass! Your comment should be my profile - it would make a great tattoo, too!