Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hamilton's paradise lost

 Saturday was a sunny day for Hamilton Zinefest 2015.
 Brent Willis was among the first to get his stall set up. The early bird catches the worm, as they say.
 Tim Danko and Three Words co-editor Indira Neville were fine company and at 12.30, we channelled the spirit of Sarah Laing as we talked about Three Words.
 There was live comic drawing in the afternoon.
 And table holders were often absent from their seats, mingling and chatting to other comic folk.
 The crowds ebbed and flowed as the day progressed.
 And more comic drawing and reading.
 Four o'clock was "Swap o'clock", when zine-makers exchanged their remaining fare for their neighbours'.
 Then it was time to go home (after "Fearless" played out on vinyl), via a little detour: Hamilton Gardens, with Taylor Swift fanziner Erin Fae.
All in all, a lovely way to lose a Saturday.


Kass said...

That first photo looks like a Hopper painting. Is that Erin in the last photo?...or is it you? Is she watching Taylor on her phone? "Bad Blood"?

Rachel Fenton said...

Ha, thanks, Kass! That's Erin, taking a pic of the garden, or possibly tweeting to Taylor Swift, though I suspect she'd be a heap more animated if Taylor were on her radar at that moment, less serene! It's her - i'll die when I meet her - dream to meet Taylor!