Sunday, September 8, 2013

Just this

Really pleased with the way my art turned out in the latest issue of Counterexample Poetics. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time as Artist in Residence there and working with Justis Mills and Pamela Hill has been a joy. Their collaborative piece was inspirational to the extreme - thanks, Justis and Pamela!

My sincere thanks to Flash Fiction and Art Editor, Jamez Chang, for letting me run with this piece when all I gave him for "plans" were three scrawled sketches in a notepad!


Donna Hosie said...

You are so freaking talented. Nail Gaiman should use your artwork.

Rachel Fenton said...

Oh, Donna - that comment deserves my first ever SQUEEEEE! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Very well done, Rachel and congrats on your recent poetry publication too. You have a wonderful flair for language and image

Rachel Fenton said...

Thanks heaps, Valerie, I'm thrilled whenever you compliment my poetry - you're so talented yourself - I feel I must be doing something right!

Anonymous said...

I second that sentiment: artwork for a Gaiman cover. Hmmm... I wonder, Donna, how would one go about making that a reality. :)

Sometimes talent left alone is like placing Mr. Rochester in the hay.

Rae, so glad to see you hopping along, multi-disciplinary, crossing forms and genres...on a dime.


Rachel Fenton said...

Mr Rochester in the hay sounds alright to me, Jamez, ("Reader, I married him")!

I am hopping along, Jamez. A sort of Jane Austen pirate taking pieces of collaborate :)

Thanks for the support and belief, Jamez.