Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A peer answers

 Grant Buist, Robyn Kenealy, Ant Sang.

I had an excellent time at the Wellington City Libraries #Comicfest 2014 Panel Discussion.

Guest speakers were Jitterati and Brunswick cartoonist and playwright Grant Buist, American Captain and Indie comics creator Robyn Kenealy, and Shaolin Burning and Dharma Punks author Ant Sang.

 Grant Buist tells the audience: "If you remember this, you are old"!

The discussion was entertaining and informative and there's a podcast of it here.

 "If you remember this, you are also old" -- Grant Buist talks about his Fitz Bunny character.

Highlights for me included Grant Buist's answer to this question:

"Are there any other New Zealand comic artists that you particularly admire?"

"I'm reading a lot of the Auckland diary comic artist Rachel Jones, who's very good."

Paula Green will be pleased to know Rachel Jones has made another appearance. Dylan Horrocks may be less pleased! I, however, am glad Rae Joyce also got a fond mention -- she's working on a comic about Rachel Jones as I type. Watch this space.


Lori said...

Oh, fun! And really, it looks like Rachel Jones is here to stay. She definitely needs her own comic. She's bigger than life, after all:-)

Rachel Fenton said...

She's leading the life I can only dream of, Lori :)

Lori said...

Wooo, Racheljonestein!

Rachel Fenton said...