Thursday, August 27, 2009

A veiled bubble

That strip in the foreground is a bench: take a seat and enjoy the view, it could be Lake Taupo, or anywhere you want, it's your view.

Bubbles are so pretty when the sunlight refracts off their surface.

This isn't really a post, more a thinly veileld advertisement for my interview with Nuala Ní Chonchúir on September 1st!

And you see them as irredescant spheres.

The Nude not Naked tour itinerary is now available to view at Salt's website .

The whole universe reflected on their rainbow skins for mere moments.

While you wait, I thought you might like a little visual interlude; a thought break.



steven said...

hi rachel, nice words grabbing a moment - and attention for the interview - and the picture, softened, painted, glitches of people dancing, flowers waving, a bench like a whale passing by. hmmmmmmmmm..... nice work. steven

Rachel Fenton said...

Hey Steven, thanks...'a bench like a whale'..I like that. The photo is in focus, I painted it blurry - A mock-impressionist! And 'glitches of people...', that's a wonderful phrase...beautiful imperfection.

Rachel Fenton said...

Oh, btw, I only just got your joke about the tree/cycle thing! Teehee! I am sometimes as dense as a tree! :)

Law and Order said...

Did you paint this? Oh, multi-talented, which I knew you were of course! Referring to the above - at least you got the joke. :)

Rachel Fenton said...

Yes I did, AW - the first time I came to NZ, and I put it on my wall in the UK - my little piece of NZ - and looked at it every day to remind me why I was jumping through all of those hoops to get back here! The joke was the cycle against the tree...I think...:)
Hey - I'm the biggest joke walking, I laugh at myself every day!

Group 8 said...

Gorgeous pic.
Looking forward to the 1st!

Dave King said...

A splendid blog, so fresh and original. Quite delightful. I enjoyed Lake Taupo - and the pohutakawas trees.

Rachel Fenton said...

WRW - I can't wait...and oh, it's the first of September here, I don't have to - hurrah!

Dave - very glad you enjoy my blog, your comments are always so positive! And much appreciated.

Thanks, both of you!