Saturday, August 8, 2009

Family are rare

Inspiration comes in all forms...

What You Are

Your eyes; familiar denim. We were well
acquainted long before your birth. Like mine
but brighter, you're a star. I crave your smell,
rice pudding skin, topped off with gold. A fine
floss, candied honey tangles. Pillar-box
grins, milk-teeth smiles and belly laughs consume
my heart. Mischievous mouse and cunning fox
I've called you. Making mess in every room,
then hiding. Marmite fingers up the walls,
and chocolate melts into the carpet. Still,
it's fun to see you beam, aglow with all
you've done, my happy lantern. Giggles fill
our house, which you've turned into home. How do
I count the ways you keep me loving you?

...and it never gets tidier...

A Spotted Robe

You wore when you were three
and still do sometimes at seven
rests across the arm of the settee

kept company by other laundry,
shirts and trousers, not all yours,
ironing, pending, work in progress,
a life captured in a list of chores.

...but it keeps on growing!

(I wrote the sonnet when I was being 'taught' to write poetry - what's that all about, eh? I wrote the second poem last year. Now I've thrown out all the teaching, I can start on the Housekeeping.)


Law and Order said...

These are lovely, Rachel. Inspiration comes in all forms..and it never gets tidier. How true. :)

Jim Murdoch said...

This reminds me of a song by Kate Bush off her Aerial album called 'Mrs. Bartolozzi'. You can read the lyrics here and listen to the song here.

There's also a song on the album where she sings π to 137 places. She really is someone who could sing the phone directory and make is beautiful. The point I'm making is that there is poetry in everything. It's simply a matter of tapping into it. Of course once it's passed through us as a filter it becomes a whole different thing once we're done with it.

Lori said...

All the kinds of joys of motherhood and housekeeping! Don't they make good literature? Yes they do. After my daughter was born, I was also writing poetry about mashed peas and laundry.

Rachel Fenton said...

Thank you AW, I always appreciate you popping in and giving your thoughts. I am definitely inspired by your housekeeping, lol!

Jim - I like Kate Bush for that very reason, thanks. I do write about everything but maths is not a strong point of mine, so you won't get any number poems from me, except that now I have declared that, I feel the urge to write something, ha!

Lori - mashed peas do have a tendency to get in with the laundry, too, don't you find? I would love to read your housekeeping! Thanks!

catdownunder said...

The mirror doubles
Returning the clothes twicefold
That housekeeping waits

Andrea said...

I like both of these. I agree that poetry can't be taught. I attended a poetry class a couple of years back, but I don't think it had a real effect on my writing. I've learnt the most from reading other poets and other inspirations.

Rachel Fenton said...

Glad to be if inspiration, Cat!

Rachel Fenton said...

The best thing for me was to read what I wanted to write, too! I'm just starting to see your style emerging - would love to read more of your stuff. I know what my style is but not how to describe it, yet.

I always appreciate your comments.

Will post something more exciting soon - promise!

Rachel Fox said...

I like the 'happy lantern'.

Rachel Fenton said...

Thanks, Rachel, that is the best bit in an otherwise mediocre poem. Haggling with the structure just killed my creativity. I actually prefer the secon poem, but either way, I'm not a skilled poet - hence posting them - I need most feedback for them. My poems are always personal, whereas my fiction isn't. I'm more critically distanced from it, too.

Group 8 said...

Me too re poems are personal, fiction not.
I really like these. I thouught the 1st one was to a lover at the start - nicely fooled. I love the imagery and happy lantern really stood out for me to.

Rachel Fenton said...

Thanks, N,
That means a lot to me coming from you!