Sunday, November 29, 2009

I make up stuff

I was recently awarded two blog awards by That Elusive Line writer, illustrator and all round dandy blogger, Thomas Taylor. Thank you, Thomas, I am very honoured.

However, I did look at the list of things I had to do and my brain short circuited (not to be confused with the book Short Circuit by Vanessa Gebbie). There were simply too many numbers, sorry Thomas, and I would have felt like a fraud if I had copied the awards onto my blog and then not followed through with the terms of acceptance.

What I've done is come up with a feel good solution. A way for everyone to share in the enjoyment and praise with no numbers (well, three if you count the thirds). I am offering the Principle of Thirds Award to anyone who wants it. If you can be bothered to copy and paste this award onto your blog, it's yours. That's it. You don't have to pass it on but you can if you want to.
In line with the spirit of the two other awards and the recent blog craze to post some things which are true and some which aren't, here are some random facts about me and not about me.

I can click my tongue like horse hooves to the tune of the William Tell Overture whilst humming the same tune.

I can't swim.

I passed my driving test first time.

Awards, like painting, like photography, work on a principle of thirds. (I make up stuff so don't believe everything I write. Only a third may be true or, conversely, two thirds may be true).

This was fun! I might make up some more awards!


Thomas Taylor said...

Ha ha, excellent response, Rachel! Dealing with all the rules that come with these awards can be very onerous, and I do feel a bit guilty about thusting them on people. Nice to see them shrugged off so creatively.

I shall proudly place my Principle of Thirds award in the cupboard under the stairs with the others:)

Rachel Fenton said...

Thank you, Thomas ;)

Titus said...

I tried the William Tell one and it's do-able. So true. The driving test revelation would not be shocking if it were a lie, so true.
Hence I'm going with the swimming one. Of course you can swim. You live on as island, if you didn't swim, you'd be trapped!

Mathematically, I have a chance of being 33.333% recurring right, or 100% right. Which would you prefer for me?

Rachel Fenton said...

You are in keeping with the spirit of the award, Titus! Thank you :)

Donna Hosie said...

You live on an island, you must be able to swim!

Rachel Fenton said...

That would make sense, Donna! I do swim beautifully in dreams.

Anonymous said...

Tee hee, very clever, Rachel, you are even more of a cheat than Thomas! You writers, eh?
(And I go with the swimming lie too!)

Dave King said...

Congrats anyway, you well deserve the awards. I don't actually feel I can just help myself. That's just me, but I do see (I think) what you are getting at.

Mike McLaren said...

Hi Rachel. Thanks for checking out my blog. I've been enjoying yours (I like your poetry). Say, thanks for the offer of your award, but I'll let you keep it! : )

Rachel Fenton said...

No probs, AM, enjoying your blog, too. Glad you like my poetry, thank you.

Penny, I do feel like a terrible cheat, but I'm pleased everyone's taking it with tongue in cheek as is meant - awards are supposed to be fun after all!

Awe, thanks, Dave. I do know exactly what you mean.

Perhaps I shall tailor individual awards with no strings - would you accept one with your name on it?
Thanks for popping by.

Dominic Rivron said...

You must have inspired many people to sit at there laptops going tiddlepom clipclop tiddle pompompom etc.!

Incidentally, I can play rule britannia on my cheeks using two desert-spoons.

There's a challenge :)

I reckon you can't swim.

Rachel Fenton said...

haha, Dominic, it's a funny thought - I hope I can inspire that at least!

I can't do the spoon thingy, on account of my not liking my face slapped!

Are you a Winnie the Pooh fan...tiddly pom...the more it goes, tiddly pom, on snowing...? "It's not so much the toes as the ears.."

You know, my mum could swim from Filey to Scarborough and my daughter is being touted as a future potential olympic swimmer...I'll tell you in a bit :)

Kass said...

I whole-heartedly dragged your award right over to my "No Longer Silent" blog. I resonate with the quandry over which percentage of (any) writing is true.

I've been hopping over to your blog for quite awhile now from Jim's. I really enjoy your writing. Look forward to more.

Rachel Fenton said...

Hi, Kass, really glad to have you here!

I'm thrilled you took the award - how funny if it travelled around blog land!

Thank's so much - I'll try not to write too much tosh then!

Leslie Morgan said...

Hey, Rachel ~ I grabbed my award and posted it proudly on my blog! A faux award is better than no award, eh?

Rachel Fenton said...

Good for you, LN - absolutely! I'm really pleased you've got into the spirit of it. Thanks!

Marie aka Grams said...

I stole your principle of thirds award, which I adore. Thank you for generously sharing (even without permission). You are appreciated, and so is your blog.

Rachel Fenton said...

Marie - you cannot steal what is given freely! The award is yours and I applaud you for taking it!

Thank you - your reading my blog and appreciation is also appreciated!